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About us

Improving food quality

At Fiberk, we create solutions for the food industry. We produce natural fibre, which improves food quality and enhances food efficiency. By adding it to their products, our customers can meet demanding consumers’ expectations and gain a competitive edge.

Our fibre is flavour and fragrance neutral, GMO-free and causes no allergic reactions. Its use helps to improve the texture and nutritional properties of food, as well as to reduce its manufacturing costs. Fiberk’s fibre is the best choice for a broad range of food products, such as meat, cheese, bread, frozen goods or sweets.

Opting for top standards

In our everyday work, we uphold the top standards, both in terms of the quality of the raw materials which are used to obtain our fibre, and in terms of the production process. We use high-tech equipment and our team consists of specialists with long-term experience in the food industry.

We strive to ensure that our customers get more than just premium fibre, making our solution the best way to further improve their products.


The mission of the Fiberk brand is to provide our customers with relevant solutions so as to enable them to secure a number of advantages, ranging from better quality products to lower manufacturing costs.

The expectations of the contemporary consumer are growing. It is not only about the taste anymore, it is also about high quality, valuable ingredients and the conviction that the products that consumers purchase are safe for their health. The fibre we produce helps us meet these expectations and deliver products of unparalleled quality in the market.

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